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Basic Canvas Backpacks

Why You Need A Basic Canvas Backpack?

Canvas backpacks are timeless. Believe it or not, you can match it with any outfit style you like. They are simple yet practical. Canvas backpacks usually come with a large main compartment, padded shoulder straps and side pockets for water bottle or umbrellas. A basic canvas backpack is a go-to bag no matter you are going to school, travelling or hanging out with your friends. 

Benefits of a basic canvas backpack

1. Made of durable and attractive canvas fabric

The basic canvas backpack is made of canvas fabric, which is very durable and strong. The fabric also has waterproof properties and can be used in all kinds of weather. Canvas fabric is a common material in the backpack industry and is recognizable because it has a natural texture.

2. Waterproof

The canvas fabric, which is manufactured from the best cotton fiber, will have a waterproof property. It can resist rainwater, wind, and other elements that could damage the backpack. The back panel of the basic canvas backpack has waterproof material to protect items stored inside the bag. The canvas fabric also helps to keep very light items, such as laptops and books, dry while there is heavy rainfall.

3. Wide variety of colors and designs

Many people are attracted by different color options of basic canvas backpacks when shopping for one or more items for their trip or commute to work, school, or college. The backpack can be customized to your own preference and color. The different designs include various patterns, alternative colors, and a variety of styles, such as sling bags, mini backpacks, and messenger backpacks, among others.

4. Various Optional Pockets

The basic canvas backpack comes with a large pocket on the front of the bag in which one can store documents, magazines, or notebooks. The jacket pocket is also located on the left shoulder strap, which is ideal for carrying umbrellas and other small items while it is raining or during winter time. There are many pockets available for you to choose from depending upon your preference or needs where you need to store essential items such as electronic gadgets.

5. Lightweight Backpack

The basic canvas backpack is very lightweight and will be ideal for travelers. The backpack, with its advanced design, can easily provide all the necessary essentials while traveling so that you can carry fewer items and enjoy all your adventures to their fullest.

6. Durable Material

The canvas fabric used to make the basic canvas backpack is made from 100% cotton fiber which makes it very durable, does not rip easily, and does not fade away even after frequent use.

7. Chest Strap Adjustments

The basic canvas backpack can be adjusted to your comfortable height and secured by the chest strap. The backpack is ideal for both men and women, especially for travelers that like to explore different places around the world.

8. Padded Back Panel

The padded back panel is very helpful in providing ample padding for carrying your belongings. The backpack has a length of 46 cm (18 inches) which provides enough space for storing all your essential items, such as computers, tablets, books, and toys, among others.

9. Multipurpose Use

A basic canvas backpack can be used as a sling bag or even as a travel bag or school bag, depending upon its size.


The basic canvas backpack is a must-have for all travelers and students. The bag is durable and will be very useful for several years as it has been manufactured with great attention to all the details. The canvas fabric is also available in different types of designs and colors.

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